Sunday, January 31, 2010

nothing is sexier than a scented candle

Hear me out, I can see you making faces at your computer screen. Picture this though; you've just come home from a long day at work. You draw a nice warm bath and throw on some smooth jazz. You feel like you are in heaven, but something feels off... like something is missing. You suddenly remember the lavender scented candles you stashed away for days like these. Soon they lit and you seem to literally melt once you hit the water.

This is the power of the scented candle my friend.

If this little scenario is not enough to convince you then maybe you'll want to hear about my friend Charles. Now Charles wasn't ever much to look at, but he always was surrounded by the fairer sex. The reason, he hit on women exclusively using the names of scented candles. He'd approach and you would act polite as he complimented your shoes, once he figured he had lured into a false sense of safety he'd say something like, "Veronica, your eyes are like a tranquil escape, I can't seem to get them out of my head". Naturally you would swoon, maybe wonder how he could come up with something so romantic, and you would exchange numbers with him. Nothing seems to happen straight after that.

Fast forward to Sunday two weeks from now, you're at the grocery store and it's packed. You need to get to the frozen dessert section to get your weekly Haagen-Daz fix, but some country-fried piece of trailer trash is blocking the only entryway open to you. You decide to cut through No Man's Land, also known as the birthday/candle isle. You keep on your toes; those Jesus candles have always given you the creeps. You try to avert your eyes from the rows of over-powering wax and unfunny cards when your eyes are immediately drawn to one candle, Tranquil Escape. Charles did his studying. You call him up and agree to meet him for fondue, it works out great and you are together with him in bliss for a long time.

There are countless reasons to why scented candles are sexy, but I believe I have given enough to make my point. The moral of this story is, scented candles are just plain sexy and always will be; no explanation needed.

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